About Connection Problem

What's Connection Problem?

Have you ever experienced sudden disconnection while playing online?
Sometimes there's difference between the exact number of players on the server and the number of players you can see.
In this case, either you or the player you cannot see will be disconnected from the server soon.
That is the connection problem called "Aisho".
An example of "Aisho" is as follows.
1. A, B, and C was on the server.
2. D connected to the server, and there's "Aisho" between A and B.
3. A can see only A, B, and C. While D can see only B, C, and D. But B and C can see A, B, C and D, all the players on the server.
4. A cannot see chat messages from D, while D cannot from A.

Way to Find Problems

You may see numbers like "5" or "8" in your chats.
They're to tell the number of players you can see each others.
The total number of players, which you should type is displayed under the Port# box.

(In this case, you should type "11")
When you're suddenly disconnected, ask someone how many players (s)he can see.
And if you're asked, please answer that.

Way to Solve Aisho

This is the way to solve Aisho in the example above.
1. When D connected, D says "3" as he can see only B, C, and D.
2. B and C reply "4" as they can see all 4 players. A finds someone has connected by seeing "4" by B or C, and replys "3".
3. Now B or C finds there's an Aisho between A and D. He types "A, you have Aisho with D" and "D, you have Aisho with A".
4. A re-connects when he sees "A, you have Aisho with D".
5. Aisho may be solved.
If this procedure doesn't help, the Aisho between A and D cannot be solved. They can play at the same time.

Way to Solve Aisho#2

The other way to solve Aisho is as follows.
When you find you have Aisho with someone, launch another RigidChips and connect to the same server as second you like "A'".
A' may not have Aisho.